Can Anesthesia Ease Tattoo Removal Pain?

Can Anesthesia Ease Tattoo Removal Pain?

People get tattoos to express themselves, though for different reasons. Tattoos are art, after all. There are those, however, who regret having a certain tattoo and eventually decide to have it removed.

If you’re among these people, you’re probably wondering—is anesthesia needed for tattoo removal?
Is laser tattoo removal going to be painful? Well, the answer’s yes. It’ll be painful but there are some things that can make it more bearable.

One tried-and-tested option is applying 5% topical anesthesia on the area. The topical anesthetic used is often lidocaine, whether in cream, gel, or ointment form. Upon getting a sufficient dose of anesthetic, the area will be covered with an occlusive dressing and left for at least an hour.

Of course, it’s also possible that you’d be asked to get injected with a local anesthetic instead. That’s to be expected since whether something can be applied depends on the tattoo’s location. In some cases, the doctor won’t even recommend anesthesia and rely on the numbing effect of ice instead.

Clearly though, using anesthesia can greatly ease tattoo removal pain. It keeps the nerve endings numb as the treatment is going on, and ideally until it’s done. Still, keep in mind that the pain experienced during tattoo removal depends on the tattoo itself and the person’s pain threshold.

tattoo removal pain

Black- and blue-ink tattoos are the easiest to remove, meaning they cause the least discomfort. Other colored tattoos, such as red, are much harder to get rid of. In fact, removing colored tattoos are often done through several sessions, translating to even more tattoo removal pain.

If you’re fully decided to have your tattoo removed, find a reputable doctor to do it. You wouldn’t want to risk having infections and other problems just because you’re trying to be cheap. One last thing—after the procedure’s done, be sure to maintain proper hygiene.



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