Dental Implant Aftercare

Dental Implant Aftercare

A dental implant is a root device used by the dentist to replace a missing tooth. If you have lost a tooth or teeth through accident or periodontal disease, you are eligible for the dental implant. It’s placed in the jaw to hold a tooth in place. The healing process should be given time to keep the prosthetic tooth in place. Implants are more permanent compared to dentures or bridges, and they are seen as the best prosthetic teeth. They will look typical to natural teeth and without telling someone, there is virtually no way they can determine that the tooth is not real. For this procedure to be supported appropriately, the gum tissues, as well as bones, need to be healthy.

There are different ways of dental implants aftercare:

Oral hygiene

It will improve the success rate of the implant and prevent infections. You should brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day to keep your implants in good shape. Your dentists will also advise on new cleaning methods.

Food and Drink

It’s important to drink plenty of water the week following your implant surgery. Limit yourself to soft foods like smoothies and yogurt. Avoid hot drinks and straws. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided altogether when taking the prescribed prescriptions.


You should rest with your head elevated the first two nights after the implant. Although this is uncomfortable, it will aid your implants to heal correctly.

Antibiotics and Painkillers

Antibiotics will help in gum recovery from the surgery and increase the healing process. If you experience that is not fading with a cube of ice, then you can use over the counter painkillers. Codeine and Vicodin are advisable if the pain is severe


The dentist will schedule a series of appointments to ensure you heal correctly. Visit your dentist twice a year to have your implants checked, and abutments cleaned.


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