How to Reduce Nose Swelling Naturally

How to Reduce Nose Swelling Naturally

Nose swelling is a common symptom when it comes to a broken nose or a facial injury, pregnancy or rhinoplasty. There are other possible side effects of having a nose enhancement and you’ll learn of them when you read at . Fortunately, nose swelling is not to be concerned for as it’s not a serious issue. Nasal swelling can be cured quicker and though it’s slightly painful, there exist natural ways to reduce nose swelling.

1. Ice pack

Place an ice pack on the swollen part for around 15 mins with gentle pressure as pressing tightly would cause more pain so it’s better to moderately press against your nose for the given time. The ice would reduce the inflammation and pain. Repeat it four times a day. If an ice pack is not available, use a washcloth by filling it with a few ice cubes and applying it to your nose. Note that ice cubes are not to be directly used on skin as it may result in frostbites.

2. Keeping the head raised while sleeping

Use two pillows stacked up to keep your head above your body level while you sleep. This will allow any blood or fluids to be drained from your nose which will cause to reduce nose swelling and pain till you wake up. reduce nose swelling

3) If the nasal passage is swollen then do saline water rinse

Sinus infection or clogged sinuses may also cause swelling inside your nose which can be cured by using salt water solution. Use a squeeze bottle or a syringe to pass the saline solution through your nasal passage to unclog any mucous build ups which cause the swelling. Side by side you can also increase your hot drinks intake such as broths and tea. This would help speed up the process.

All in all, nasal swelling is not a serious symptom however a doctor should be consulted if,


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