Teeth Whitening Strips – Are They Worth Your Money?

Teeth Whitening Strips – Are They Worth Your Money?

Teeth whitening strips are thin polyethene strips that are pre-coated in a film of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that operates as the bleaching agent. The teeth whitening kits come with two special sets of strips, of which one designed to be used on the lower teeth and the other on the upper teeth. It’s a good idea to talk to a dentist first before doing DIY teeth whitening.
You can use these strips as the alternative of the whitening trays, and these are mainly used at home. You can do it all by yourself and get a positive and effective result within a fortnight. However, the duration of the treatment varies depending on the product you choose.
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Teeth whitening strips are usually proposed to be worn for short time gaps than whitening trays and are less bulky, so you can remain totally comfortable while using the same over your affected part.
With the intention of whitening your teeth, and removing the stains and plaques, you apply peroxide bleach by pressing the whitening strips tightly in the desired part. After you have fixed the strip over your teeth, roll back the extra part, to ensure proper fixation, you must keep it at least for 30 minutes, leave it for around 12 hours, before reapplication. Use the strip treatment for around 15 days regularly to get the solution. However, the duration of the treatment varies with the varied proportion of peroxide usage. If the peroxide solution is stronger – 10% to 22%, then the duration will be around 15 days. However, use of peroxide solution of more than 22% may harm your teeth


Before the application of Teeth whitening strips, you must go for a dental checkup to know about your teeth sensitivity. Use of peroxide solution can be a problem for sensitive teeth. However, if you feel sensitivity after the application of peroxide solution, just wash your mouth with normal water to get the instant relief.
One of the negative effects of teeth whitening strips is the fact that they make use of hydrogen peroxide to bleach the teeth. The use of hydrogen peroxide is a product that is not at all recommended by the dental industry, this is so because the bleaching power is more, and it can easily cause harm. Rather in recent time carbamide peroxide is a much-preferred option that is used not only in the whitening strips but also in the whitening trays. It too generates similar result but does harm your teeth.


One of the major side effects of the whitening products is teeth sensitivity. Even if you are not having any oral problem, it may tend to develop after you apply peroxide solution. However, the effect is just temporary and will not remain for long. So, tolerating the pain for minutes will just help you to get white smile without bringing any long-lasting oral problems.


Rather than going for at-chamber treatment, if you choose to get the treatment at home, the primary benefit is – you can regularize the percentage of peroxide and can keep the solution for long in your mouth. You can also think of touch-up at your needs and can also use baking soda to whiten mild stains

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  1. The only disadvantage of using this too much is you will experience sensitive teeth. If not that needed much, don’t use it frequently.

  2. Watch out in using these whitening treatments. It will feel you pain if you use it in a improper way. Much better is to consult to a dentist first to get some safest recommendations on how to use these treatments.

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