Essential Oils for Gum infection

Essential Oils for Gum infection

Essential oils are natural liquids derived from plants. They are used for various treatments including dental issues like tooth decay, gum infection, and halitosis (stinking breath). Essential oils have gained popularity in every corner of dental care. This is because they guarantee the best oral care outcomes.

How to use essential oils for gum infection

With your oils of choice, add 5 to 10 drops into one cup of water and mix properly. Gargle one tablespoon and spit out at a time. For tooth decay, use two drops of the oils, brush gently and spit out.

Here are are some of the top essential oils for gum infection:

• Thyme

Thyme is a member of the mint family. Its natural chemicals are effective in the management of gum infection. Being a member of the mint family, it is utilized in elixirs and mouthwashes to achieve flavor for most oral health treatments. Besides the above, thyme is also used in the treatment of tooth decay and other oral infections.

• Peppermint

Research has established that peppermint oil is exemplary in eliminating oral pathogens and notorious bacteria responsible for gum disease. It is well known for its cooling and numbing properties which alleviate muscle and toothaches.

• Tea tree essential oils for gum infection

This essential oil has natural ingredients effective in killing oral bacteria that cause gum infections. It also relieves bleeding of gums. Additionally, it treats tooth decay, bad breath, and reduces plaque formation. A must-know—once you have mouth washed using tea tree oil, you must spit it out. Not meant for internal use.

• Cinnamon

Cinnamon oil is antibacterial. This makes it a good option for treatment of gum infections. In addition, it has antifungal and antiseptic elements necessary for good oral health care.

• Clove

Clinical research has shown that clove oil has the ability to allay gum infections, toothache, and bad breath. It has bacteriostatic properties—limits oral bacteria growth—which is helpful in preventing gum infections.

• Oregano

Oregano oil contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate bacterial and even fungal infections. It also enhances the body immune system hence high resistance to gum infections.


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