How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery

After undergoing any surgery whether bariatric surgery or any other to alter your appearance or because of health concerns, you still need time to recover and dealing with excess skin is be part of it. There are several things you can do to get rid of saggy skin after undergoing weight loss surgery to help maintain your body shape. People who have recently undergone weight loss surgery are most likely left with hideous looking, loose skin particularly around thighs, stomach and upper arms. Avoid having loose skin after a surgical procedure with the help of dr tummy tuck Perth staff.

Find out how to avoid loose skin after weight loss surgery by considering the below tips:

  1. Perform muscle-building exercises

Now it’s time to tone your muscles after shedding those excess fats, which also makes the skin look firmer by performing muscle-building exercises. You can prefer doing weight-training exercises like crunches, push-ups, squats and even lunges to tone your muscles. Lightweight lifting is also recommendable to help build muscle quickly. Train with a fitness trainer or see him before trying any of the exercises to avoid injury, and facilitate a customized exercise program.

  1. how to avoid loose skin after weight loss surgeryConsume wholesome foods that facilitate skin elasticity

Binge on blackberries, strawberries, and soy products: contains antioxidants, biotins, and vitamins that can improve skin suppleness and collagen production. Elastin and collagen keep skin firm and elastic. High protein foods like fish, nuts, and legumes have elastin and collagen building nutrients to promote health and supple skin.

  1. Avoid a lot of sun exposure

Too much sun is harmful to individuals trying to prevent skin sagging after undergoing weight loss surgery. Too much sun exposure can reduce body collagen production hence hindering skin strengthening, elasticity and bouncing back to its normal state.

  1. Daily skin exfoliation

Promote skin elasticity through daily exfoliation. Exfoliation facilitates the removal of dead skin cells and boosting of cells renewal and circulation, which enhance skin tightening. Performing dry brushing prior bathing facilitates great exfoliating: it tightens loose skin, prevents premature aging and also makes the skin more radiant. You can also use skin firming creams and lotions after showering.

  1. Surgically remove the excess skin

If your skin has a considerable amount hard to be tightened by daily exercising, surgical procedures can give rewarding results. In fact, it’s the most effective way to eliminate any loose skin permanently. Consult a specialist to know if this procedure is best for you.

If you are suffering from loose skin due to weight loss surgery, don’t lose hope. Just follow the above tips to achieve tighter, supple and healthy skin quickly.


Various herbs for nerve pain

Throughout many centuries, when there was little advancement in the field of medicine, there were herbs that can help with your pain. Herbs were used to relieve pain caused by a variety of issues. It was a cheap method of medication that was fast in curing many problems. These ancient methods have been incorporated into modern medication due to its effective nature of curing diseases.

The following are some of the natural herbs for nerve pain.


Ginger is a special herb that contains phytochemicals essential in reducing inflammations that are usually a result of nerve pain. Ginger is a powerful herb that reduces nerve pain and which should be taken in small amounts as it has been linked to a few other side effects. Ginger can be used on tea or even in a blend of mixed fruit juice.

Hypericum perforatum   

Hypericum perforatum is a special herb used to treat nerve pain in the body. The leaves and the flowers of the plant contain an oily substance which when extracted can be used to relieve nerve pain like neuralgia as well as the inflammations caused by the nerve dysfunction. This plant is believed to contain hypericin, which is usually a neuronal metabolism activator thus efficient in reducing pain.

Ginkgo biloba  

The extracts made from this plant are usually collected dry and are beneficial in reducing nerve pain as well as the inflammations caused by the nerve dysfunction. However, the intake of this herb should be limited as it can sometimes lead to nausea, dizziness and even diarrhea.

herbs for nerve painAngelica 

Angelica is a very interesting herb which is involved in one of the Chinese folklore and which hold a special place in ancient Chinese medicine. The whole plant is medicinal, from the roots, the seeds, the leaves, the fruit to the stem.

Angelica lowers nervous pain and also discourages inflammations in the areas where there is nervous tissue damage. Angelica can be prepared with tea when it is dried.

In conclusion, adopting a more natural way of reducing nerve pain is healthy and also beneficial for its fast relief effect. There are many other herbs like the rosemary and turmeric which are also beneficial and which will reduce nerve pain a great deal.


Enhancing Skin Beauty Through Snail Slime

Different ways to enhance on the skin beauty has been developed to support across on the skin type. From a reasonable view of the snail, it can be tough to identify any good thing out of the benefits of snail slime following the distressed look it has.

Research has attached benefits to the body secretion that is produced, and its now use under the snail slime cosmetics with massive profits. This great discovery was under the control of oncologist from Spain who related the mucus to be safe and effective when it comes to skincare and healing process.

This was after the healing on the snail skin was enhanced, and when tested on human skin, it was noted that restorability had been improved on the same. This has made snail keeping and farming a lucrative business across the world following the great discovery and ability on cosmetic use. The mucus may appear unpleasing when viewed directly from the snail, but the truth has revealed it can work magic on the body when it comes to skincare.

The harvesting of slime can be done from the same snail again and again since it doesn’t require the killing of the snail before it’s done. The cream that is developed from snail slime is branded with every detail which helps to boost essential elements for skin development including hyaluronic and glycolic acid, antimicrobials and glycoprotein enzymes.

When snail slime cosmetics is applied, it gives hydrating and anti-oxidizing to the skin that helps in the recovery process of the surface making it youthful again. Wounds and wrinkles that may exist on the surface can be eliminated with ease following the great ability of the mucus. The use of the cream has therefore been adopted by many people who desire to restore their skin look and get all the related benefits.


The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine has become popular in the last couple of years for treating a variety of diseases. This is greatly attributed to its numerous benefits that are incomparable to the ones found in conventional options. For the first timers in this medical option, this refers to therapeutic practices which normally rely on the use of traditional and natural methods to bring out a cure.

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With all these said, one of the main benefits the alternative medicine has is the fact that it has been proved to cure many ailments in the past and as such, it encompasses many disciplines like for instance herbal medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy and many more.

Let’s learn the many benefits of alternative medicine;

Benefits of Alternative MedicineIt becomes easier to treat many different kinds of ailments at the same time as for instance heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, circulatory diseases, allergy problems, and many others when preferring herbal medication. There exist herbs like garlic and Aloe Vera that creates better overall health of the body by detoxifying it. There also exist many other alternative therapy procedures that have been proven to aid in weight loss which is nowadays a major problem afflicting a large number of people all over the world.

Cases of mental illness and pain joints can be cured with ease with the use of acupuncture. It can also be made into use to treat people with a low immune system. The important thing you should note is that there is no incidence of developing side effects with the use of alternative medicine. This medical option is also cost-effective, and if carried out by a certified professional, its benefits can triple over. There are studies that are still being conducted on this medical option and considering all the facts we have seen. Its popularity will continue rising in the future days. Get to know all about alternative medicines today.


Using Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Cinnamon is usually used to give roasted delicacies a delicious taste, but many believe that the spice can bring important health benefits, such as the regulation of blood sugar level, reducing levels of cholesterol levels and using cinnamon for weight loss purpose.

Cinnamon is produced by a perennial tree from Southern Asia. It has been used for centuries and was once considered a valuable spice because of its healing properties. It was and is used to improve many diseases as well as physical and mental well-being. Nowadays, it has become popular to help with weight loss and to prevent the return of weight.

Cinnamon consumption increases body heat. It speeds up metabolism and helps burn the calories and fat deposits in the body. This procedure will reduce weight and improve other conditions that may be caused by overweight, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Studies have shown that cinnamon reduces levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, increasing insulin levels, thereby improving the conditions associated with obesity while reducing weight.

Cinnamon also has antioxidant properties that also contribute to weight loss. This provides cleansing of the body and helps to remove toxins and fats. Cinnamon should be combined with honey to get the maximum benefit in losing weight.

Cinnamon For Weight LossTo maximize the benefits of losing weight, drinking tea with cinnamon and honey can promote rapid weight loss. Tea is prepared by adding a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and honey to the boiled water. If you use cinnamon, use one to two sticks. Before you pass the filter or sieve, boil the water for a few minutes.

Using cinnamon for weight loss should be combined with proper diet and exercise. The diet should contain many fruits and vegetables, fewer fries and less sugar. Cinnamon may interact with some medicines because it contains both anticoagulants and substances that liquefy the blood. Avoid using large amounts of cinnamon to lose weight, because some types of cinnamon can damage the liver and kidneys. Always consult your doctor before starting a new diet.


Topical anesthesia for dental treatment

Topical anesthesia is a form of dental anesthetics used to numb soft tissues in specific areas. Also known as numbing gel, it is applied using either a cotton roll or swab. It is applied on the gum for a few minutes to achieve the best possible numbing effect. Read more about dental anesthesia and sedation options before dental surgeries at

Topical anesthesia is applied either on the gums or cheeks in preparation for a woman receiving topical anesthesia via injection local anesthetic injection. Its numbing effect makes the injection of local anesthesia more bearable and comfortable. Its effect is maintained on the surface of gums; it doesn’t go deep enough to numb the nerves under the gums or teeth. When a patient has a fear for needles and injections, dentists refer to numb the area with a gel before the injection so that the patient remains calm.

Interaction with medications

Not all medications work well with topical anesthesia. Some medication may interfere with anesthesia and cause complications. Certain foods, tobacco or alcohol may also have to be avoided for as long as the anesthesia lasts. Always ask your dentist for advice about what to eat and what to avoid. You will be advised on which medication works with the anesthesia and which one doesn’t.

Side Effects

Numbing gel is not known to have adverse side effects. However, applying too much amount of it may cause swelling of the affected area, tenderness, burning, fatigue, stinging sensation, convulsions, dizziness, shivering, anxiety, trembling, confusion and blurred vision, paleness, irregular heartbeat and troubled breathing. Should you experience one or more of these symptoms, get in touch with your dentist immediately.
In some cases, some dentists avoid numbing gel and instead apply local anesthesia directly. If you should be concerned about this, you are always at liberty to ask. Your dentist should be able to settle any anxieties you may have.


Ways On How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia has become a major problem for men in today’s society. The growth of body fat or glandular breast tissue is a very embarrassing condition for most men. This prevents men from undressing on the beach and often affects their self-esteem. There are many ways to treat gynecomastia. When you decide what treatment to follow, be sure to know the side effects and complications of gynecomastia treatment.

Gynecomastia is caused by several factors. This disorder is due to hormonal changes during puberty, high consumption of lipids and carbohydrates, adverse effects of medications and, in rare cases, a genetic abnormality.

The following are ways on how to get rid of gynecomastia  

Do Nothing 

During adolescence or puberty, the body is in a hormonal imbalance because there is a sudden wave of different hormones. Generally, from 13 to 18 years, a man can observe the growth of additional breast tissue. Do not worry. This is a normal situation that occurs during puberty. However, not all men experience this event during their adolescence. These breasts will disappear within 2 or 4 years after the onset, especially when the body has already adopted hormonal changes and can now balance them. But if you want medical advice, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Eat properly 

While the world is modernizing, instant and refined foods are rich in fats and carbohydrates. These fats, if not used correctly, will be stored inside the body and one of their storage sites in the chest. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the human body, but if they accumulate too many carbohydrates, they combine with fat to form fatty tissue. Therefore, it is advisable to eat these foods in moderate amounts. Instead of eating too much fat and carbohydrates, consume protein to promote muscle growth that weakens the fatty tissue of your body.

How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia

Regular exercise 

Exercise helps prevent the formation of adipose tissue. Regular exercises help the body burn the carbohydrates and fat stored in the body. The exercise of the breastplate not only burns fat in the chest but also promotes muscle growth and development.


Surgery should be the last solution for most men with gynecomastia. But for men who do not have time to practice, this method fits perfectly with them. Liposuction is also available for gynecomastia. However, surgery is very expensive and can’t be covered by insurance companies.


Tips For A Faster Mastopexy Recovery

Even though mastopexy has given better results and looks to most women, the mastopexy recovery process requires a high level of discipline. The procedure entails minor and major implants to restore shape and volume of the breasts. They are done when the skin sags after getting less elastic, and the breast drops. Such causes can also be as a result of pregnancy, weight loss and breastfeeding hence the need for mastopexy among many women. The procedure is the primary means to restore the full shape of the breast and esteem of women.

Full mastopexy recovery will definitely give you the expected results, but you must put a few steps in place to make sure the recovery is smooth. You must support the recovery process by selecting the proper way to dress including sports or a comprehensive bra that will keep the breast in perfect healing position. An appropriate bra will enhance blood flow and reduce chances of swelling as well as providing comfort to surgical site helping the breast to heal in the best shape.

Mastopexy RecoveryTake some time to rest after the surgery to enable quick recovery process. Don’t make frequent movements for some few days to enable you to gain strength. The relaxing position should be according to the advice given by the surgeon and the time is majorly spend on the bed or any other comfortable position.

Introduce your body gradually into the exercise mode by taking a short walk during the day. You can do simple walk around the home to make sure blood circulation is perfected and any possible blood clot eliminated. Don’t engage in any activity that requires you to bend or lift heavy items that may cause injury after surgery.

Ensure you work with the prescribed medication by the surgeon to manage the pain the may be a server in the first few days. Stick to the instructions provided by the doctors to avoid any complication and should need be to see a doctor work with the surgeon you had used before.


Lean Principles For A Quality Care

In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, executives need to ask themselves this question: how can we provide our patients with safer and better quality care with fewer resources? Institutions across the country have re-evaluated their processes and the number of steps required to deliver these services. As hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities face fewer payments, sick patients, an aging workforce. They too need to work smarter and more efficiently. One can read about how to deliver the highest quality care of service in drHomeDoctorsPerth blog.

Organizing workspaces by sorting, straightening, sweeping, standardizing, and supporting (5S), where everything has its place, ensures both employee and patient safety. It also offers visual queues that save time for the search for supplies and equipment such as IV pumps, which means waste and improves the working environment. 5S not only provides the foundation for building a Lean Healthcare organization but also leads to higher employee satisfaction.

Focusing on well-organized steps creates added value for the patient. An example is the redesign of the patient flow for the transfer of patients from the ED to the patient floor or the PACU. This results in efficient care with fewer waiting times for patients and staff. Who better determines the correct process for an area that the team members who actually do the work? The development of multidimensional teams targets specific areas and faulty processes that isolate waste.

Quality CareOrganizational leaders must feel obliged to implement Lean principles from top to bottom. This support includes training, raising awareness of the organization through communication between management and employees, conducting rapid improvement events using the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA), problem-solving, and reporting on outcomes. When employees waste money, time and supplies, the organization sees value loss. Using the PDSA method provides the health organization with improved quality, safety, and dynamics for the staff. In health care, individuals must remember that the patient is the primary customer.

By implementing lean principles and process changes, healthcare organizations can assure their patients, despite a variety of challenges, that they will receive safe and high-quality care in a safe environment today and in the future.


About Your Ideal Nose Shape

Your nose impacts the look of your face. There can be up to 14 types of noses, but only one is seen as more attractive than the rest. The most ideal nose shape is the most requested in rhinoplasty.

The heavenly 

This nose shape is seen as the most charming for women. It is another common thing, refined, sensitive and confined. It continues running in a smooth line particularly from the eyes to the tip, where it appears deliberately with an outward turn and no tip. The scenic artisan Carey Mulligan has an ideal bright nose.

The Snub 

A reproach is nothing more than adorable and seductive. A nose stuck with a slight widening that attracts both women and men. Instead of rich and refined, it is longer, charming and captivating, with an upward tip that shows the nostrils. The surprisingly rejected nose of Elizabeth Taylor is commendable.

Greek nose 

This extraordinary nose shape continues to run in a straight line from the eyes to the tip without a single turn, hit, trapped or any kind of agony along the way. With such a soft line and a pointed tip, it resembles a straight nose. The shape is called “Greek nose” because any Greek woman with this nose is considered magnificent. Research shows that 3% fewer nose shapes are Greek, and a remarkable number of them have a place with models.

The Duchess 

The straight nose of Kate Middleton, with her lovely tip, is so enthusiastic among the masters of plastic, as it is now beginning with the British duchess. The shape gives a fantastic look to the faces that recognize it, and the experts and image takers agree.

The Aquiline 

This type of nose is straight and soft, and it bends delicately from the eye to the nose. For a couple, it suggests the personality of a brilliant and calculating strategist. The nose of the Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, is a model.

The Roman 

As a result of the prominent structure of this nose shape, it is more trapped than the torsion and has an extremely bulbous appearance. While it is strong, it does not dominate the face while suggesting proximity of intensity, purpose, and safety. The craftsman who makes Tom Cruise has an ordinary Roman nose.