Treating receding gums through homeopathic medicine

Receding gums is a common side effect of gum disease.  Although seeing a dentist is recommended to have it rectified, it can be expensive and time consuming.  A trip to to the dentist is quite tedious from the tools use that still has to go through dental autoclaves to sterilize their equipment up to the treatment method. Whether you’re looking …


Alternative to Antibiotics for Tooth Infection

Typically tooth infections are treated by using antibiotics such as amoxicillin or penicillin. However, while utilizing antibiotics in such a manner represents an orthodox response to infection, the alternative to antibiotics for tooth infection consists of a spectrum of natural treatment options. But if syptoms of tooth infection persists, you should visit a trusted dental care provider like No Gaps


Best Mouthwashes for Halitosis

It’s no shocking that numerous folks turn to mouthwash when their breath requires an enhancement because it’s swiftly effective and convenient. However, not all mouthwashes are produced alike, and when you purchase a bottle, you’re challenged with many items that all boast a similar thing. When you decide to seek help for your bad breath, your first port of call …


Essential Oils for Gum infection

Essential oils are natural liquids derived from plants. They are used for various treatments including dental issues like tooth decay, gum infection, and halitosis (stinking breath). Essential oils have gained popularity in every corner of dental care. This is because they guarantee the best oral care outcomes.

How to use essential oils for gum infection

With your oils of choice, …


TMJ Treatments at Home

More often than not, jaw problems heal on their own in several months if not weeks. But even as you wait for the jaw to get fully healed, you could experience some excruciating pain that can obviously become very stubborn ,enough to deny you a comfortable sleep. The good thing is, shared some easy ways for you to find …


Top Home Remedies for Gum Pain

Almost every adult will come across a type of gum pain at least once in his lifetime. Luckily, gum pain is easy to treat in early stages. You don’t even have to visit a doctor. Here are some home remedies for gum pain that we’ve collected from  which are proven to be effective. In fact, they’ve been used by …


Types Of Pediatric Dental Anesthesia

Dental operations can be complex and at the same time painful for the patient. When that patient is a child, it becomes an entirely different ball game. They could require the child to hold still while enduring excruciating pain that they cannot bear on their own. You will need to find a way on how to calm children during dental


Home Remedies For A Wisdom Toothache

Toothaches are pretty much any uncomfortable feeling in or around the teeth. Common wisdom toothaches are started by simple tooth decay. Some cavities like wisdom teeth coming in or childhood tooth shedding are temporary and not worrisome. It’s not practical to visit the dentist in such a situation.

Common home remedies for a wisdom toothache include the following:

Cloves and


Dental Anesthesia Side Effects

In dentistry, local and general anesthesia is used, providing the optimal analgesic effect at the stage of carrying out various procedures. The work of the dentist includes the extraction, prosthetics, and cleaning of teeth. Many of the dental procedures involve surgery. Since this can be extremely painful due to the massive amount of nerve endings in the mouth, experienced dentists …