Gum Rejuvenation – What is it?

Gum Rejuvenation – What is it?

Have you ever heard of a dental procedure known as gum rejuvenation? Technically known as Pinhole Gum Surgery, it’s actually an upgraded procedure that treats gum recession. If you try Beyond Infinity Dental’s gum rejuvenation services, you’ll realize how amazing this procedure can be and what it can do to your receding gums.

Pinhole Gum Surgery

Gums provide seal around the teeth and the support needed to be healthy. They secure our teeth and if weakened by disease or recession, could lead to severe issues like dental caries or tooth loss.

It’s essential to care for your gums and act right away if there are signs of recession. One of the popular methods to treat this condition is the Pinhole Gum Surgery, and more specifically, the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST). This safe and minimally-invasive procedure is a patient’s best weapon against gum recession.

Gum Recession

Gum recession is when the tissue surrounding the teeth pulls back, leaving the teeth exposed and vulnerable. When gums begin to recede, they can be prone to the buildup of disease causing bacteria.

Gums recede for various causes, including:

  • Misaligned Bite
    • When teeth do not cleanly meet they can put undo force on gums and bone, which can cause recession among other issues.
  • Aggressive Tooth Brushing
    • Incorrect brushing of teeth can cause gums to recede. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and change the motion and angle properly.
  • Lack of Proper Oral Hygiene
    • If you don’t brush, floss or rinse with mouthwash often enough, plaque progresses into tartar. This will develop between your teeth, pushing the gums back and can only be removed through professional cleaning sessions.
  • Smoking
    • Smokers are prone to plaque which is known to cause gum recession.
  • Teeth Grinding
    • Grinding puts too much stress on teeth that the gums gradually recede.

During your dental checkups, your dentist will assess your gums for signs of recession. If positive, treatment is highly recommended.

Pinhole Surgical Technique

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a world class dental procedure with a high success rate in treating gum recession. It is a great alternative for patients who have anxiety over gum graft surgery, believing that it is too invasive or painful.

gum rejuvenation

PST involves a pinprick made by a minuscule needle in a patient’s gums. With specialized tools, the gums are moved to where they provide the most coverage, essentially where they were before they receded. Collagen strips are then placed into the hole. These keep the gums securely in place while your body produces its own collagen in your gums.

The benefits of PST include:

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Multiple teeth can be treated at once
  • There is barely any bleeding or pain compared to alternative surgeries
  • The results are immediate
  • The surgery does not require incisions
  • No sutures are necessary

Instantly, patients can enjoy a positive cosmetic difference from PST or gum rejuvenation. The gums would have a better appearance and the smile will significantly improve. The most important benefit would be the healthy gums that properly support teeth and cover the roots.


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