What does IV sedation feel like during a dental procedure?

What does IV sedation feel like during a dental procedure?

Have you been skipping your dental appointments because you are anxious about what will happen during your visit? Afraid that the dentist might see something on your teeth that would make him recommend a lengthy procedure? Simply put, are you afraid that the dental procedure would hurt? If you answered yes to any of the questions and it makes your heart beat faster than it should, you may be experiencing dental anxiety. Your dentist may recommend having IV sedation to help you cope with the procedure, but what does iv sedation feel like? Read more about IV sedation at www.daptodentists.com.au/iv-sedation-dentist. But for now, let us tackle dental anxiety, how IV sedation can help, and what does iv sedation feel like.

What is dental anxiety?

As mentioned earlier, being afraid of visiting the dentist and having your necessary procedures are what describes dental anxiety. There are many triggers that can be associated with this problem, and that includes the fear of needles and pain. Some patients may have underlying mental conditions that make them feel this way, like panic disorders, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) to name a few. But do not get us wrong, even those who are psychological and mentally stable can develop this phobia and that may be associated with a bad experience in the past.


Why is dental anxiety bad for your dental health?

iv sedationIf you are afraid to go to the dentist, you are foregoing the chance for a dental professional to monitor your dental health. This means that you will miss the chance of getting preventative dental procedures and assessment of a dental problem during its early onset so that it could still be remedied during its early stages. And if you are really in need of a dental procedure, you are making your dental problem become worse by delaying and not attending to it at once.


How does IV sedation can help with dental anxiety?

If simple coping mechanisms and techniques like deep breathing exercises and diversion or distraction do not affect you positively, then we can recommend you to ask your dentist about IV sedation. An IV sedation is a procedure that dentists offer patients who cannot handle the stress of having a long procedure that may include needles and surgery. A medication is passed through the body via an intravenous route to calm the nerves and make the patient relax but conscious all throughout the process.


What does IV sedation feel like?

After knowing this can calm your anxiety so you can feel relaxed and a bit drowsy during your dental procedure, you may wonder what does iv sedation feel like? Well, the procedure starts by having the dentist insert an IV catheter to your vein, located either on your hand or the inner side of your elbow. Once the medication is introduced to your bloodstream, you will feel a bit sleepy and relaxed as the anesthesia becomes incorporated into your blood so your dentist can start your procedure. You may sleep during the procedure and that is expected, but some patients may still respond to requests and commands from your dentist. This form of sedation really benefits you and your dentist in performing your dental procedure hassle-free and conveniently.


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