Does Acupuncture For TMJ Disorders Work?

Does Acupuncture For TMJ Disorders Work?

Acupuncture was not a medical procedure that was discovered recently. Traditional medicine in China was able to preserve and pass this practice through branches of families. Nowadays, people look for alternatives in standard medical procedures. Also, traditional Chinese medical practitioners believe that there are trigger points in our body. These trigger points are connected in a series of the network. The result of an expert applying pressure on it will let our body react responsively. Such discovery leads people to entertain these alternative therapies for the body. Options are available at this Chatswood medical centre, practitioners offer acupuncture for your specific needs.

What Is a TMJ Disorder?

Mechanisms are involved in our everyday movements and gestures. Curious how the body works? Joints, muscles, and ligaments are very important body parts that we tend to neglect sometimes. If you are worried about how acupuncture works for TMJ disorder, there are ways to give details on what it is all about. To clarify, (Temporomandibular Joint) TMJ disorder is connected to the jaw bone and the muscle surrounding it. This jaw bone is directly connected with our mouth through a line of nerves. Thus, if someone feels anxiety or sudden stress, you are sure to feel pain in this area.

Benefits of Acupuncture Work For TMJ Disorder

Acupuncture works on TMJ disorder because it points out the origin of the pain. Treating the root cause of the problem will eliminate possible future issues caused by TMJ disorder. Experts of the traditional practice are familiar with a person’s muscle tension, muscle spasms, and irregular jaw positions.

This list explains some of the examples on the benefits of acupuncture and how it works for TMJ disorder:

  • Releasing muscle tensions

Acupuncture fixes the flow of energy in the body. In addition, this physical therapy also helps the muscles to relax as tension is released from the source. Acupuncture is usually done through a series of median points that are connected with the trigger locations. Qi, an energy flow, is simulated through the application of pressure on different points.

how does acupuncture for tmj work

  • Facial pain relief

TMJ displays symptoms of facial pain when a patient experiences signs of TMJ disorder. Facial pain is a very serious problem if uncured. With the use of acupuncture, TMJ disorders are curable through acupuncture. Evidence of using the therapy is available through online copies of research regarding the process.

  • Boosting your body’s condition

Some people testify that receiving acupuncture for their TMJ disorder does not only solve their facial problem but also other parts of their bodies. Acupuncture experts also advise how a patient should change their lifestyle so their recovery will be faster. Of course, if there are serious injuries or medical conditions that you are afraid of, consult your doctor before doing this physical therapy.

Some Precautions Before Your Appointment

A patient hoping to change their therapy routine to this process instead needs a go signal from their physical therapist. A patient is not advised to do this drastic change instantly. Certain precautions are also given to pregnant women or those with traumas such as serious injuries. Supplementary health solutions consist of medicine and dietary restrictions. One important reminder for this procedure is not to replace it with your standard medical treatment. Always ask for a second opinion from your doctor if you are unsure of going through this process.


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