Gleem Toothbrush Review: Is This Product Worth Buying?

Gleem Toothbrush Review: Is This Product Worth Buying?

Want to have that shiny, bright teeth? We are proud to introduce the Gleem electric toothbrush, your newest oral hygiene partner that offers superior professional dental care. With its stylish looks and world-class features, this product indeed proves that form and function can work together as one. Moreover, it is available at an affordable price of only twenty-five dollars. If you think that sounds too good to be true, our team has prepared this Gleem toothbrush review just for you. Get to know more about this one-of-a-kind product and learn what our experts have to say.


When shopping for items, we ought to spare an extra dime for products that look more appealing. As much as anyone would deny it, the product’s appearance still significantly impacts our buying decisions. This concept is valid even for the most basic items, such as a toothbrush. However, having the best of both worlds can be a tough call. Luckily, experts at Gleem were able to pull off this risk, thanks to their state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

Gleem toothbrush cleans teeth with sonic brush vibrations and appears sleek and stylish on consumers’ counters. It’s available in exquisite colors of white or black, with a contemporary and minimalist appeal. Want to know more about the product? Let’s start with the basics.

What Is Gleem?

Gleem is a highly competitive dental hygiene firm famous for its history as a former company of Procter and Gamble. Other than their world-renowned toothpaste products, they continue to establish their mark in the industry by offering electric toothbrushes. As of writing, they have two types of electric toothbrushes; one is rechargeable while the other runs on batteries.

According to Gleem founders, their electric toothbrush aims to add glam to your bathroom or countertops while keeping your smile healthy and bright.

How Does Gleem Toothbrush Work?

Gleem toothbrushes are innovative machines that primarily work by vibrating at excessively high rates, often reaching up to thousands of strokes for each minute. By merely guiding the brush with slight pressure, users can remove food particles and plaque from their teeth effortlessly.

The battery-operated type contains triple-A disposable batteries. It is a safety feature that prevents the product from excessively and forcefully brushing the teeth. Whereas rechargeable ones have alert features that shut down immediately in case a problem occurs.

Gleem brushes have a long-lasting base unit and a replacement brush head that you should change every three months.

Our First Impressions

features gleem toothbrush reviewWe were pleasantly amazed by how lovely our toothbrush appeared when we received it for our Gleem toothbrush review. We were immediately charmed by the brush’s elegant and minimalist design. From its bristles up to the body, every curve and structure is enticing. Moreover, Gleem has a compact profile and neutral tones that go with any design. Even with batteries inside, it is also pretty lightweight and straightforward to glide in the teeth. This feature makes it very convenient to transport on vacations and travels.

Gleem Toothbrush Features

Travel-friendly Case

Gleem comes with a travel case at a reasonable price, which is a bit of a shock for us. You don’t usually get that deal for other brands of electric toothbrushes. Gladly, Gleem prioritizes their users’ needs and securely stores their unit and its components inside. It’s also highly robust and dependable for lengthy trips, demonstrating that the creators didn’t just throw it in as an afterthought.

Timer Pulses

Gleem integrated a two-minute timer to help users brush more effectively. These pulses work at thirty-second intervals to allow users to keep track of their brushing progress. By this time, the person will know when to switch quadrants for a consistent clean. Additionally, it also has a memory feature to enable pause and resume during brushing cycles.

Battery-enabled Version

We dedicate this Gleem toothbrush review for those searching for an electric toothbrush for mobility and lightweight feel. Our team thinks the Gleem electric toothbrush may suit you. It has a battery-enabled version, powered by a single triple-A battery. It comes with the unit during your purchase in addition to a handy travel case. The Gleem battery toothbrush, unlike rechargeable ones, does not need the use of a power cable or a charger. It allows ease of use even without an electrical outlet, perfect for a swift utility.

Nylon Bristles

Gleem features soft nylon bristles that come in a rounded filament type. It is useful mainly for gentle and deep cleaning purposes. Moreover, it enables the brush head to be more compact, which helps extend through areas that are hard to reach.

User-friendly Design

The company’s electric toothbrush series comes with a glossy finish that is precisely stunning to see. It is structured with a no-roll feature to prevent the brush from sliding off in the sink and floor. Last but not least, it also shows a slim handle that allows the brush itself to stand and remain upright anywhere.

Gleem Cleaning Power Review

positive gleem toothbrushOur experts find it to be better than any average toothbrush in our assessment of the brush’s cleaning ability. For the battery-operated type, brushing seems like a bit of a step back as the voltage is much lower. Nonetheless, we already anticipated this given the fact that AAA batteries power it. Therefore, if you are looking for a more robust brush feel, we suggest choosing the rechargeable version of the Gleem toothbrush.

Even for an entry-level product, it provides the most satisfactory cleaning performance. This type works well in comparison to its more expensive counterparts, like Oral B and Sonicare brushes.

The toothbrush proves its worth by breaking down plaque build-up and remaining food particles on the teeth. It lasts for a maximum of two minutes with its automatic timer, which is precisely what hygienists and dentists suggest. Its quad pacer feature also helps instruct when it is necessary to shift the brush on a different teeth quadrant. This technology guarantees that all areas of your teeth get cleaned equally and thoroughly.

What We Like

For us, the best part about the Gleem toothbrush is its market price. At around twenty dollars at most, it is available at an affordable price range. It is great news for electric toothbrush users, especially for those on a tight budget. It is also a perfect starter unit for individuals who want to test out an electric toothbrush.

Moreover, the premise that it has a version that can run on triple-A batteries makes it highly portable, especially given how inexpensive these batteries are. Further, the toothbrush’s design and its travel case make it lightweight yet still durable enough to transport on vacations.

What We Don’t Like

The quality of your cleaning should always come first. In comparison to other electric brushes, the Gleem toothbrush emits somewhat average vibrations. Due to its pace, it is at best a marginally better product than manual toothbrushes. For us, it is not that competitive in providing an optimum disintegration of dental plaque and particles. Particularly within the first two minutes of use, this concern is a major deal-breaker. It may deter some users who are looking for a decent cleaning tool at an affordable price.

More so, unlike other brands, the brush only comes with a single brush head. However, the others include options like sensitive cleaning, 3D clean, whitening, and more. It severely restricts the cleaning choices available to consumers. The brush also doesn’t have a pressure sensor. This feature is a crucial point that alerts users if they push too hard on the device with their teeth. A significant amount of pressure is critical because cleaning your teeth every day might harm their enamel and cause them to weaken. Other electric brushes usually include an LED indicator that will notify you if this occurs, or it will simply cease brushing.

Our Final Verdict

bottomline gleem toothbrush reviewTo conclude our Gleem toothbrush review, you get precisely what you paid for with this product. Because of its price, it only features a primary brushing mode, a portable case, and a minimalist design ideal for traveling. Gleem is indeed a straightforward improvement over a manual toothbrush.

On the other side, the battery-run version may not outperform other high-frequency electric brushes on the market. Suppose that is what you’re looking for. In that case, we recommend saving some money and investing in the mid-tier Gleem rechargeable electric toothbrush. Thanks to its advanced tooth cleaning features, this Gleem toothbrush review version focuses on pursuing your top priority. Therefore, it all comes down to your preferences.



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