The Dangers of Tooth Extraction at Home

The Dangers of Tooth Extraction at Home

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth from its dental socket. The procedure is primarily supposed to be performed by an oral surgeon and if you ever need one you can definitely rely on the oral surgery in Hornsby. But dentists and periodontists do carry it out too as it’s part of their core skills as dental providers. However, there’re some people who opt to pull out a tooth on their own without consulting or seeking the help of a specialist. Tooth extraction at home may be a result of lack of dental extraction fee but it’s very risky and dangerous due to the complications that may arise.

The Dangers of tooth extraction at home

(1). Too much bleeding

Tooth extraction requires dental training which most people don’t have. Therefore, choosing to DIY an extraction could result in a bleeding problem. There are some people who have bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and only a dentist can prevent further complications after tooth removal as well as patients taking aspirin who tend to over bleed.

(2). Infection and abscess tooth extraction at home

This is the greatest risk that is accompanied by a tooth extraction since there’re a lot of bacterias in our mouth. Experiencing too much pain, swelling and formation of pus around your tooth is a sign of an infection and if you choose to pull the tooth at home without a dentist help, you might end up worsening the infection which could lead to a costly dental emergency.

(3). Dry socket

This is considered to be the most painful condition and usually occurs when extracting a lower jaw tooth. Sometimes the bone structure around your tooth may be fragile, and since you don’t have the training to extract the tooth, it also means that you won’t know the required pressure to pull it out and you will end up fracturing the jaw.

Additionally, another risk would be breaking your tooth before the root. This is because you don’t have the tools that are designed to perform this procedure.


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